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The Book That Makes Getting Business Impact From People Analytics Easier, Right From The Start.

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  • Understand the three people problems all companies must solve to win, and the four minimum conditions to activate employee value!

  • Make people analytics simple and fun!

  • Get serious business impact with less yammering, bloviation & pomposity!

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For over 20 years I struggled to reduce people analytics to a set of people measures that produce usable business related insight, communicable in $’s, influenceable by quarter, and repeatable in many different contexts. Then I was given the opportunity to write people analytics for dummies and so I took a year and a half off to fight this dragon directly. In this journey I experienced some major successes and some misses - never-the-less I am proud to have written the first book on people analytics intended for a mainstream audience and to have driven a spear through the dragon’s armor in at least a few chapters.

The important news is that while on this journey I believe I stumbled on the secret code to the safe that I was looking for all along these last 20 years. Now you will find me trying the code on as many locks as possible to see what treasures I find inside. I’d be interested in what you find as well!

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