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“What would you say, you do here?” (Office Space)


PeopleAnalyst Mission & Values

The Purpose of People Analytics

People analytics is the new management data science frontier- its purpose is to create better companies by revealing the people side of the success equation.

Here are some of the things that people analytics is for:

  • produce new perspective into the internal workings of organizations,

  • provide feedback (for operational excellence, to continuously adapt to changing circumstances, to nurture a winning culture,…),

  • Increase capability to identify, monitor and solve people related business problems,

  • facilitate better decisions about people, policies, programs and processes with data and analysis,

  • help companies find new ways to compete using difficult to replicate informational advantages,

  • and to take groups of people up the DIKW pyramid shown below:

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 11.48.47 AM.png

PeopleAnalyst Purpose

1) Increase the reach of people analytics to more organizations, large and small.
2) Increase the speed of people analytics.
3) Reduce cost and deliver increasing business value for same or less cost over time - indefinitely.
4) Create measurable increases in the effectiveness of leaders, HR professionals and managers.
5) Design innovative products that apply math and science to human resource management in novel ways.
6) Be the best employer for those who want to work in the field of people analytics.
7) Be a visionary leader in the field of people analytics.

Our promise to our customers is to help them apply the right effort at the right time to increase probability of success and get more out of every dollar input.

PeopleAnalyst Values

1) Purpose - life is too short to work on unimportant, trivial and uninspiring problems. “Work” is an important problem for humanity.
2) Excellence - competence instills the courage to withstand challenges.
3) Learning - creating competence through a disciplined process of deliberate learning. { interestingly humility producing humility through the same process }
4) Creativity -  uncommon results stem from uncommon assumptions and actions.
5) Equity - giving value to others first provides counterintuitive returns.
6) Integrity - it all has to hang together or it all falls apart - integrity is the most powerful force.
7) Inspiration - inspiration tells us something is working, absence of inspiration tells us something is not.

PeopleAnalyst Difference

People Analytics product design, development and communication is our business

We are pioneers in the field of people analytics. We have been and will continue to be leaders in people analytics. People analytics is all we do. Over the course of our career our partners have built people analytics teams from the ground at many companies and have performed, assisted or advised on all aspects of people analytics. We have honed our perspective and skill through many years of trial and error - we know the common misconceptions and pitfalls cold. We constantly seek new ways to maintain an experiential advantage in people analytics.

Our promise to our customers is to help them apply the right effort at the right time to increase probability of success and get more out of every dollar input.

How we deliver on our promise:

  • unmatchable expertise and experience in people analytics - prior experience are reflected in our resumes,

  • people analytics frameworks and methods that we invented,

  • multidisciplinary team,

  • and a complete tool-box applied to your needs.

We materialize the combination of talent strategy, science, statistics and systems to influence performance- this intersection is how we define people analytics.

A certain je ne se qua

Traditional self-service dashboard business intelligence implementations are 1-2 years and several millions of dollars in labor and licensing. These projects usually end without a large number of people actually using the dashboards. The most common complaint we hear is, “We have lots of data now, but now we want insights.”

We have a different and unique approach to people analytics that prioritizes insights over technology.  In short we break the ‘problems of people’ down into manageable areas of focus that we can apply analysis to in ways that are specific, measurable, achievable, awesomely useful, relevant and timely.  We pursue SMART DATA, NOT BIG DATA. This is sort of simple to nod yes to, but difficult to actually do.  Our methods are unique, powerful and our own. We begin to help our clients turn out fresh insight within a few weeks of being brought in, and we help our clients achieve some new insight or informational advantage every two weeks after that. For god sakes, you don’t have to wait 6 months, 1 year or 2 years.

We crank the wheel of CAMS to get the engine started ON A NEW IDEA

We put our money where our mouth is and we “eat our own dog food” (a saying Mike learned at Google). We believe performance is contingent upon the intersection of capability, alignment of goals, motivation and support and so we don’t just help others measure this, we also apply this to what we do too.

As a development partner we bring in capability that is required to get people analytics right – behavioral science, statistics, data science, IT, software engineering, project management, human resource information systems and talent management strategy but no more or less than what is needed, when needed, for each project.


We have a gravity for talented people analytics professionals interested in people analytics because: 1) people analytics is our business, 2) we work with partners who want to work on big inspiring problems together and, 3) our unique business model allows us to offer substantial revenue sharing and equity with our associates and partners.

We customize to your specific needs, selecting the tools, team, and level of engagement that aligns with your business objectives.

We also have a proven ability to attract the attention and involvement of talent for our clients because of the signal that our reputation brings.


We are small so every project, every relationship and every client story matters to us. You will have an appreciation for that level of customer service once we begin to work together.

We support our clients in applying leading edge talent strategy, multi-disciplinary behavioral science, advanced statistics and systems to organization problems. Our tangible supports include but are not limited to elements like survey design, correlation, multiple regression, conjoint analysis, predictive models, optimization models, machine learning and experiments – combined and directed in ways that improve the overall probability of success. This goes well beyond reporting data as is sits.

We support our partners - people with exceptional technical skills in one domain and round them out with: tools, teamwork, advisors, training, mentorship, coaching, and opportunities to learn in a supportive environment.

Most organizations get stuck because they buy one application and later discover it doesn't get the whole job done. Consistently producing business value with data requires a series of related systems operating well together  – operational systems, data collection systems, data management systems, data analysis systems, and data delivery systems - and support from people who know how to use them.

We assume the complexity and risk to help our clients solve complete problems; we do not simply implement a system and leave.

Who does PeopleAnalyst work with?

We work with people who want to use people analytics to get a picture into the internal workings of their organizations to solve business problems, regardless of title. These people are different than people who are looking for conventional work for hire in systems implementation, data warehousing, tableau development and so forth.

Whether you’re the Chief Human Resource Officer, head of Recruiting, CFO, or CEO, we will not only enhance the technical infrastructure for more efficient people operations, but we’ll also provide you ongoing insights to help you create one of the best companies to work for in your city and industry and stay in front. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every engagement and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Previous beneficiaries of our work have included: Atlassian, Jawbone, Pure Storage, Udemy, and Otsuka.

PeopleAnalyst Design Principles

find a pure intent

Intent is the launchpad and important governing constraint for the imagination. We strip away fuss, frills and complexity until the idea is pure and magnetic. Then we build from there.

We believe you should always know why you do what you do.

root it in science

The creativity, invention and imagination of the decision-support tools we build are rooted in science, deep expertise and intellectual rigor and backed by data, anything less would just be smoke and mirrors.

We believe the origin of new learning and insight is science.

create new possibilities

We create tools that give people new ways of being in the world. We unlock potential in organizations by seeking out and building on unexplored intersections and connections.

We believe creativity, invention and imagination stem from unexplored intersections.

fill it with life

We want everything we create to express life and enhance the experiences of the living, from the broad brushstrokes to the smallest detail. Our work is inspired by the experience of life - in all their luster and imperfections.

We believe the product of our labor should have a heartbeat, be made with passion, and should engage emotion.

craft human interactions artfully

We aspire to help our clients create experiences that are seamless, beautiful, magical and delightful.

We believe everything we do - from a single human interaction, to an interactive tool for thousands of employees or for hundreds of thousands of candidates - should be crafted with pride and attention to detail.

change the game

We turn stuff upside down, ask the scary questions, and shift the lens through which we look, to find a glimpse of the future. Because it’s not about just making cools stuff… It’s about changing the world.

We dare to be revolutionary for the sake of creating great.