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About Mike West

Mike was a pioneer of people analytics at Merck, PetSmart, Google, Children’s Health Dallas, Jawbone, and Pure Storage. Mike has made other data informed human resource management contributions at Atlassian, Udemy, Otsuka, AstraZeneca, University of Minnesota Clerical Labor Union & Hallmark.

Mike was one of a few early analyst hires on Google’s world-renowned People Operations team credited with using data to reinvent HR and turn Google into the talent magnet that it is today. Mike’s contributions at Google included many firsts for people analytics at Google. Since that time Google has built an unparalleled people analytics team and capability using this to both create sustained business growth and win the #1 spot on the Global Fortune Best Company to Work For list an unprecedented eight times. No other company in history has won the overall award more than two times. Seeing how important people analytics is Mike left Google and has made it his life mission to share people analytics with the rest of the world.

*Mike’s firsts at Google included work on Google's first HR data reporting architecture, Google's first employee survey (Happiness and later Googlegeist), Google's first benefits analytics, Google's first employee on-boarding analytics and Google's first employee attrition analytics, which included Google’s first employee exit prediction model.

More detail is available at Mike’s LinkedIn profile.  References available upon request.