People Analytics Design Company


“What would you say, you do here?” (Office Space)


What do Sasquatch, el chupacabra, yetis, things that go bump in the night, & most analytics systems have in common?

They are not attached to reality. The next great technology solution to this and that problem will roam out into the world in a variety of interesting colors, shapes and sizes but none of these will work without being carefully aligned to real business problems, without alignment with your other technology applications and without the alignment support of real operators - real people. Typically flawed people.

At PeopleAnalyst we are real people who have really done real people analytics with real companies. We know no technology, nor your company, nor your HR systems, nor your HR data, nor you are perfect. We also know that no technology or analysis will show you the right answers built on the wrong data to answer your questions.  Instead of sweeping these realities under the rug we help our partners address these realities head on.

Heck, right now, you might not even know what problem you want to solve or what questions you want to answer. You just want people analytics. That’s fine - that’s what I am really good at - helping people figure this out.

My philosophy of working with you, rooted in experience, is this :

  1. While people data insights requires some investment in technology, success is never a result of technology alone.

  2. There is no single technology application that performs all the necessary functions of people analytics alone.

  3. There is no worse waste of time, money and credibility than designing or implementing a technology that misses the problem. 

  4. There are some basic risk problems you should work through before making a major investment in technology to increase certainty that your investment will have the impact intended.

  5. Great people analytics require the right focus, right questions, right research method, right data, at the right time. Having frameworks and process helps us/you fill in the blanks.

  6. Great people analytics stem from great people analysts armed with a great frameworks and great process.

  7. Better frameworks and process create better results. Always.

  8. Just as a painting is more than paint, a cathedral is more than bricks piled on top of each other and a good meal is more than just ingredients mixed together. It is the careful attention to situation, sequence and care for the craft that makes what I do special and what makes what you do special too.

  9. I happily share the recipes I have learned. This is based on the premise that your results do not detract from our results - quite the opposite. I count on it.

  10. To get the outcome you are looking for - what ingredients you have at the start is important as is what you want to create. Wherever you are starting from and whatever you want to make happen, I work with you to close the gaps to be successful at it using people analytics.

    If people are involved, you can can get better results with people analytics, guaranteed. Period. How that is accomplished is situational and is both art and science.

Some companies sell you on a single system, tell you it will do everything you need and leave it to you to figure out what you do with it as you go. That is convenient for them, but after many years in your shoes I respectfully disagree with them, for you. I help you (and ultimately them too) solve the problems that you are going to run into on your journey. Preparation, design, fit, sequencing, support and validation are key to successful people analytics application architecture design and application deployment.

I’d love to spend 15 minutes together to hear about you and what you are doing or to answer any questions you have about what I am up to these days. Let me know how I can be of use to you.