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What is a PeopleAnalyst Rapid Collaborative Impact Project?

PeopleAnalyst guides leaders to a mathematical model of how people relate to business outcomes to produce a clear roadmap and more decisive allocation of resources to conquer serious competitors before running out of time and resources.

A PeopleAnalyst’s job is to help leaders measure, analyze and change people inputs to drive different business outputs using mathematical models. This is contrasted with a job of implementing systems or reports. Permanent systems may be necessary but their design should come after the design of a conceptual model, not before. Here is a preview of several key differences that distinguish the PeopleAnalyst approach to people analytics from conventional approaches to people analytics.


PeopleAnalyst applies frameworks, process and tools to design and validate a conceptual variable relationship model. PeopleAnalyst only implements permanent systems once a conceptual variable relationship model has been identified and mathematically validated and only when stakeholders agree that ongoing analysis of the model is useful. The result is much faster cycle time from problem identification, to problem solution validation, to problem resolution with a lot less wasted effort.

Speed is a result of investment in preparation. PeopleAnalyst applies conceptual models to get to impactful insights faster. PeopleAnalsyt doesn’t take the risk (and spend the time and money) to implement systems to generate or analyze data before a base conceptual model has been determined. PeopleAnalyst designs projects to take out the risk and waste that occurs with implementing systems designed for scale and repetition before a base conceptual model has been validated.

The point that must be stressed is that the ‘model before systems’ approach is very different than the conventional approach to people analytics. Our approach puts priority in finding a working conceptual model first - then lets the system design reveals itself naturally from there.


PeopleAnalyst projects are staffed in a very different way.

Each team is comprised of experienced people analytics, organization behavior and HR data professionals whom are paired with project specific functional business experts; all of whom spend their time working together on one thing: how do people inputs drive business performance?

During the initial discovery phase PeopleAnalyst determines the necessary team structure. PeopleAnalyst always pairs project specific people analytics professionals with project specific functional business partners (Sales, Finance, HR, Talent Acquisition, …), all of whom have real-world experience, with which results in practical approaches and solutions that actually get implemented and produce results. (as opposed to yet another dashboard that people look at one time and then nobody looks at again )

PeopleAnalyst consultants have a demonstrated legacy of making a measurable and lasting impact on the the companies they have worked for through their work, which necessarily intersects four very different areas of expertise: people strategy, science, statistics and systems. PeopleAnalyst works together with business partners to tap their subject matter experience and knowledge to iteratively test and modify the model until results are achieved. As a result of the iterative learning process, as long as all parties are committed, a PeopleAnalyst project should never fail.


PeopleAnalyst pairs benchmark-able key performance indicators (built from a base conceptual model) with custom key driver analysis. From there PeopleAnalyst iterates until we can mathematically defend a unique model for a specific context. Once a unique working model has been validated PeopleAnalyst supports project stakeholders in implementing a people data collection, management, analysis and delivery environment that can be used to continuously learn from, challenge and update the conceptual model.

The combination of benchmark-able key performance indicators that can be trended and compared with custom key driver analysis allows stakeholders to apply over-sized resources to an under-sized differentiating focus, producing an advantage that will have meaningful impact on business results.

Most companies follow the same sets of “best practices”. In doing this they lack differentiation and they spread their people dollars too thin, which creates substantial waste. A people strategy rooted primarily, if not entirely, on copying what others do leaves a gaping hole for us to drive a spear through with a more focused strategy.

Unlike most HR data warehouse and data reporting solutions - PeopleAnalyst doesn’t just give stakeholders more reports to sift through - PeopleAnalyst designs and implements a conceptual model that guides others to people measures they can correlate to organization specific outcomes, to identify the people drivers of business performance and present insights that relate to this. From here project stakeholders take action and then PeopleAnalyst helps project stakeholder measure the impact of their actions using the model. PeopleAnalyst is prepared to mathematically defend all of the advice we provide - or we don’t provide the advice in the first place! What we suggest always takes more things away than it adds. In most cases the things taken away provide more than enough time and resources to pay for the things that are added.

Since products can be quickly copied and off the shelf systems and processes are not differentiating - we believe the careful measurement, analysis and management of people inputs in a model that is unique to a specific organization is the only way you can create differentiated business performance that can be sustained.


PeopleAnalyst defines success by the recognized value of insights produced & $ impact of change, not hours or systems delivered.

PeopleAnalyst is not a spokesperson, arbitrator and project manager of conventional systems and analytics solution providers. PeopleAnalyst may necessarily use systems and may suggest systems when it makes sense to do so, but we don’t sell software for a living. PeopleAnalyst does not implement canned data reporting solutions or a sandboxes. PeopleAnalyst does not use waterfall project management methodology because waterfall does not work for people analytics - or any problem with an unknown solution, which is what people analytics is. If you (or we) knew the answer to the problem, then we wouldn’t need people analytics!

After our initial discovery project PeopleAnalyst will provide stakeholders with a rough estimate on the effort for the analysis that they recommend. After this, PeopleAnalyst works on the plan in 2-week sprints with clear parameters for success or failure on each sprint.

Michael West