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PeopleAnalyst Differences

PeopleAnalyst is an analytics partner specializing in helping you measure, analyze and change people inputs to drive business outputs.

Each team is comprised of experienced former people analytics, organization behavior, HR data professionals whom we pair with project specific functional experts who spend their time thinking about one thing: how people inputs drive business performance.

We are a firm that is drawn to companies with aggressive goals and unreasonable timelines because we enjoy working on projects with a lot on the line. Our business model is built to over-serve a small number of clients. We are not trying to do everything, and we always do the right thing by people (clients, employees, partners) because that is what works over the long term. Because of this we tend to develop deep and long-lasting relationships with our clients, coworkers and partners, that extend beyond the office. 

There are several key factors that distinguish the PeopleAnalyst approach from conventional business consulting firms and technology partners:


We have a unique way of getting more insight and business impact from our clients investments analytics. Our delivery methodology involves getting to a working analysis going very quickly and then rapidly iterating from this to permanent systems (if and when those systems are necessary). The result is much faster cycle time from problem identification to analytics specification to problem resolution.

Because we have the tools we need ready to go, you don’t have to implement anyone else’s expensive systems just to get started. That is not the approach we take . . .

You can keep the systems we have learned to use to move faster or move to other system and we are happy to help you do that but our speed is a result of investment in preparation - which we have already made on your behalf.

team design

For an analytics company we have a unique way of staffing projects.

During the initial discovery phase we determine necessary team structure. We always pair people analytics & data science professionals who have real-world experience with project specific functional experts (Sales, Finance, HR, Talent Acquisition, …) with which results in practical approaches and solutions that actually get implemented and produce results. (as opposed to yet another dashboard that nobody looks at )

Analyst team members and partners have a legacy of making a measurable and lasting impact on the success of the companies they have worked for through their work in people analytics, which intersects people strategy, science, statistics and systems. These are former people analytics founders of leading-edge people analytics teams like, for example, Google.

If we must bring in our own business partner team members, they are former leaders of top-producing businesses with a proven track record of success. Their experience and knowledge help you use data to get results.

what we do

PeopleAnalyst pairs a common benchmark-able people measurement framework with a customized people data collection, management, analysis and delivery environment to help clients drive change to accelerate business performance.

The combination of common key performance indicators that can be benchmarked + custom key driver analysis allows our clients to leapfrog their competitors by applying resources to a differentiating focus that has meaningful impact on business results. Most companies tend to spread themselves too thin, which leaves substantial options for PeopleAnalyst to help you beat them.

Unlike canned HR data reporting solutions – we don’t just create more reports to sift through - we design and implement organization specific people measures and correlate those measures to organization specific outcomes, to identify the people drivers of business performance.

Since products can be quickly copied and off the shelf systems and processes are not differentiating - we believe the careful measurement and management of people inputs in a way that is unique for you is the only way you can create sustained differentiated business performance.

how we price projects and pay

No other people analytics consulting partner or technology provider prices projects and pays consultants the way that we do.

We Sell Insight & Impact, Not Systems

PeopleAnalyst is a not a conventional technology and analytics vendor. We don’t believe a generic data solution and waterfall project management style works for people analytics.

This is why you will never need to sign a long-term contract. After our initial discovery, we will provide you with a rough estimate on the effort and analysis that we recommend. After that, we’d only charge one sprint (2 weeks) at a time.  It’s up to us and the quality of our work to keep you.

50% of every PeopleAnalyst employee’s compensation package is tied to a bonus that is entirely based on client happiness & measurable results, which naturally fosters collaboration and intimacy.

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Mike was a pioneer of people analytics at Merck, PetSmart, Google, Children’s Health Dallas, Jawbone, and Pure Storage. Mike has made other data informed human resource management contributions at Atlassian, Udemy, Otsuka, AstraZeneca, University of Minnesota Clerical Labor Union & Hallmark.

Mike was one of a few early analyst hires on Google’s world-renowned People Operations team credited with using data to reinvent HR and turn Google into the talent magnet that it is today. Mike’s contributions at Google included many firsts for people analytics at Google. Since that time Google has built an unparalleled people analytics team and capability using this to both create sustained business growth and win the #1 spot on the Global Fortune Best Company to Work For list an unprecedented eight times. No other company in history has won the overall award more than two times. Seeing how important people analytics is Mike left Google and has made it his life mission to share people analytics with the rest of the world.

*Mike’s firsts at Google included work on Google's first HR data reporting architecture, Google's first employee survey (Happiness and later Googlegeist), Google's first benefits analytics, Google's first employee on-boarding analytics and Google's first employee attrition analytics, which included Google’s first employee exit prediction model.

•Wrote People Analytics for Dummies (Wiley)
•Published over 50+ articles on people analytics

More detail is available at Mike’s LinkedIn profile.  References available upon request.


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